Razakar quick overview:

Razakar quick overview:


  • A paramilitary force active in Hyderabad before India’s independence.
  • Supported the Nizam’s rule and opposed Hyderabad’s integration into India.
  • Engaged in violence and atrocities against Hindu communities.
  • Disbanded after the Indian Army’s intervention in 1948.

Razakar Movie:

  • Released in March 2024, depicting the events leading to Hyderabad’s integration.
  • Critics claim it promotes a right-wing narrative and potentially distorts history.
  • Focuses on the Razakars’ role and the Hyderabad Liberation Movement.

Key Points:

  • Both the Razakars and the movie deal with a sensitive period in Hyderabad’s history.
  • It’s crucial to be aware of potential historical inaccuracies and consider diverse perspectives when engaging with the film.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Release Date: Released on March 15, 2024.expand_more
  • Genre: Telugu-language epic historical action drama film.expand_more
  • Director: Yata Satyanarayana.expand_more
  • Cast:
    • Raj Arjunexclamation
    • Bobby Simhaexclamation
    • Anasuya Bharadwajexclamation
    • Vedhika
  • Plot: The film depicts the events leading up to Operation Polo in 1948, focusing on the role of the Razakars paramilitary force and the integration of Hyderabad into India.


  • The movie has been criticized for promoting a right-wing Hindutva narrative and potentially distorting historical facts.expand_more
  • Critics argue that it whitewashes the Hyderabad massacres where Muslims were targeted, presenting a one-sided perspective.expand_more


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It’s important to be aware of the potential historical inaccuracies and consider diverse perspectives when engaging with this film.

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