Hi Nanna A Heartwarming Tale of Family, Sacrifice, and Redemption

Hi Nanna A Heartwarming Tale of Family, Sacrifice, and Redemption

Hi Nanna A Heartwarming Tale of Family, Sacrifice, and Redemption Viraj (Nani) is a skilled photographer and a devoted single parent to his 6-year-old daughter, Mahii (Baby Kaira Khanna). Despite Mahii’s persistent inquiries about her absent mother, Viraj remains tight-lipped. Eventually, Viraj makes a promise to reveal the truth about his wife only if Mahii achieves the first rank in her endeavors. Mahii fulfills her end of the bargain, but Viraj fails to keep his word. Disheartened, Mahii leaves home and is saved from an accident by Yashna (Mrunal Thakur). The transformative impact of Yashna on the lives of Viraj and Mahii forms the crux of the film.


Hi Nanna” boasts a compelling storyline rich in drama and emotion. Mrunal Thakur’s portrayal serves as the heart and soul of the film, showcasing her excellent script selection post-“Sita Ramam.” Her stellar performance, coupled with debutant Shouryuv’s adept handling of emotional moments, contributes to the film’s success. Nani effortlessly embodies characters like Viraj, delivering a heart-touching performance, particularly in poignant scenes with Mrunal.

Baby Kiara Khanna shines in her role, displaying confidence in her dialogue delivery and creating delightful moments with Nani and Mrunal. The film’s final minutes leave a lasting impression, complemented by Hesham Abdul Wahab’s outstanding music (excluding the Odiyamma song) and Sanu John Varghese’s captivating visuals.


While the initial portions of the love story may feel routine, the film gains momentum post the pre-interval sequence. “Hi Nanna” takes time to resonate with viewers, attributed to pacing issues. The movie may resonate more with A-center audiences than with the masses. Shruti Haasan’s song in the second half feels out of place, impacting the overall coherence of the narrative.

Despite an excellent score by Hesham Abdul Wahab, the unnecessary inclusion of the Odiyamma song stands out. The film’s second hour lacks some coherence, and an important scene post a special song could have been better executed. The pacing and length of the movie could have been more streamlined.

Technical Aspects:

Hesham Abdul Wahab’s music and background score elevate the film, complemented by Sanu John Varghese’s splendid visuals and commendable production values. While the editing is acceptable, the film could benefit from a tighter length.

Director’s Touch:

Shouryuv, in his directorial debut, delivers a decent family drama with a compelling storyline and well-crafted dialogues. The narrative, though slow-paced, features impactful emotional scenes and commendable performances. However, a more concise editing approach could have enhanced the overall viewing experience.


“Hi Nanna” emerges as a touching family drama with moments of emotional depth. Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Baby Kiara Khanna shine in their roles, supported by a strong storyline and memorable music. While the film’s pacing may not resonate with all audiences, those who appreciate emotional dramas will find it a worthwhile watch this weekend.

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