From being a fashion model, to becoming an Actor, Aryank Singh’s journey has been impressive

From being a fashion model, to becoming an Actor, Aryank Singh’s journey has been impressive

From being a fashion model, to becoming an Actor, Aryank Singh’s journey has been impressive Aryank Singh,Fashion Model & Choreographer,and a growing star in the fashion and Entertainment industry. Aryank Singh was honored with dadasaheb Phalke award in 2023.

Aryank Singh who is more popular as a Fashion Model,Choreographer and Pageants Organiser has been gaining a prominent position in the entertainment industry in recent times as he has been around for quite some time now as a model and actor who has managed to impress the viewers with his talent as well as his magnetic performance which never fails to draw attention. He is one amongst the current breed of talented artists who have the potential to grab the position at the top as their work has tremendous pull which is a rarity in this fiercely competitive industry which is always beaming with new talent, with each having an edge over the other.

Aryank Singh hosted the biggest beauty pageant of Gujarat “United Gujarat Season 1” in 2023 by AJ2 Square Events which was supremely successful and appreciated by the people and today people are eagerly waiting for the United Gujarat Season 2.

When Aryank Singh was asked about season 2 of his pageant show,he said that the season 2 of United Gujarat will be announced very soon. And my motive of organizing a pageant show is to give the right platform to the talented models of Gujarat state and to provide them proper guidance and work in the industry so that new comers in the industry will choose the right path to grow in the fashion modeling field, said Aryank Singh.

People will see me as an actor this year in the web series “Free Bird” by artistic Soul Production with renowned actors Satyyaa Patel, Pooja Patel and Riddhi Upadhyay.This web series is produced by Yeshal Shah,written and directed by Gaurav ocean,editing will be done by Neel Gajjar and Ritika.

Many are not aware that Aryank Singh started his journey as a model,participating in various fashion shows and fashion show endorsements which finally landed him the Winner of Dadasaheb Falke Indian television award for the category of best fashion model and Choreographer in 2023 which acted as a great confidence booster, and what followed was a series of offers from all quarters which Kick-started his journey as a actor.

As an actor I would love to learn and perform more in the acting field and will choose the scripts wisely, said Aryank Singh. He says that there’s still a lot more to achieve and this is just the beginning. Viewers will see a lot of his work in the coming months as he is gearing up to start a few projects which will see the light of the day soon.

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