Director Rajamouli Entrusts Bahubali Legacy to Animation Team, Ensures Soul Retention

Director Rajamouli Entrusts Bahubali Legacy to Animation Team, Ensures Soul Retention


Director S S Rajamouli shares insights into the creation of the Bahubali animated series, emphasizing the depth of character arcs and the untapped potential within the Bahubali universe. He discusses the challenges of expanding the brand beyond traditional cinema and reflects on the difference in branding strategies between India and the West. Despite initial hurdles, including failed attempts at web series and VR films, Rajamouli expresses gratitude for the opportunity to explore animation. Handing over the Bahubali franchise to another team was a significant challenge, but Rajamouli ultimately entrusted them with his vision, providing insights into the characters, conflicts, and emotional depth crucial to the series’ success. Overall, Rajamouli’s journey with the Bahubali animated series showcases the delicate balance between creative vision and collaborative execution in Indian cinema’s evolving storytelling landscape.

Director Rajamouli Entrusts Bahubali Legacy to Animation Team, Ensures “Soul” Retention

Renowned director S.S. Rajamouli recently shared intriguing details about the making of the Bahubali animated series, “Crown of Blood,” shedding light on the creative process and challenges faced during its conception.

Delving into Character Arcs and Expanded Storylines

Rajamouli emphasized the meticulous thought put into expanding the Bahubali universe. Exploring the pre-stories and post-stories of characters, along with their evolving arcs, revealed untold narratives ripe for exploration. This exploration led to the realization that there was much more to share with the audience beyond the original films.

Bridging the Gap in Branding

Acknowledging the disparity in branding between Indian and Western cinema, Rajamouli highlighted the organic expansion of movie brands in the West. While Indian cinema tends to celebrate success without broadening its fan base, Western counterparts seamlessly transition into other media, reaching wider audiences. This observation motivated the team to explore various avenues to expand the Bahubali franchise.

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Challenges and Triumphs

Despite ambitious plans for web series, VR films, and games around Bahubali, Rajamouli admitted to initial setbacks due to the novelty of these ventures. However, the arrival of Sharath with the idea of an animated series revitalized their vision. Initially skeptical about animation’s potential, Rajamouli was impressed by Sharath’s vision, which aligned with Western and Japanese standards.

Entrusting the Legacy

Handing over the beloved Bahubali franchise to another team was a daunting task for Rajamouli. Initially hesitant to relinquish control, he soon recognized the strength and clarity of the animation team’s vision. While imparting insights into characters, conflicts, and emotions, Rajamouli entrusted the team to preserve the essence of Bahubali and deliver a timeless animated rendition.

Rajamouli’s journey with the Bahubali animated series reflects a blend of creative exploration, industry insights, and the courage to embrace new mediums. As the series takes shape, fans eagerly anticipate an immersive experience that stays true to the soul of Bahubali.

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